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Fluorescent Brghtener PF
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Spec: (5 kg x 1) (25 kg x 1) carton, paper bucket. expiry date: Long-term effective
Composition: 1,2-bis (5-methyl-2-benzazolyl) -ethylene Parameters: Appearance: pale yellow crystalline powder, melting point: 188-189 ℃, content: GTT, 98.5% fineness: & GT, 100 mesh
Description: Used in PVC, polystyrene, polyacrylate, polyester film, high and low pressure polyethylene, ABS, plexiglass and so on whitening and brightening. Uses: Recommended dosage: 30-100g PF whitening agent per 100KG material.
preservation: Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature to avoid the sun. characteristic: 1. The fluorescence intensity is good, the whiteness is high.  2. Good thermal stability, high temperature above 250 ℃ does not decompose 3. Good resistance to the sun, not easy yellowing 4. It is eas
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