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Fluorescent Brghtener FP(127) C.I.NO.378
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Spec: (5 kg x 1) (25 kg x 1) carton, paper bucket.  Store in a dry place away from light. expiry date: Long-term effective
Composition: Stilbene biphenyl type Parameters: Outside view: light yellowish green powder melting point: 219C, 221 ℃ color light: similar to standard sample: ≤ 0.5% purity: ≥ 98% fineness: more than 300 mesh
Description: It is especially suitable for whitening of PVC and polystyrene series products, and can also be used for whitening and brightening of other thermoplastics and coatings, printing ink, synthetic fiber, Uses: Each 100kg material to add FP brightening agent: 1. PVC: 1 white: 10, 50 g 2 transparent: 0.1, 1 g 2. PS: White: 1, 50g 2 transparent: 0.1, 1g 3.ABS: 10g, 50g (eliminate the inherent yellow in ABS)
preservation: 1. This product information is for reference only, if you have any technical or use problems, please contact with our company.  2. The technical advice provided by the company both orally and in writi characteristic: 1. Dissolved in organic solvent, the maximum absorption wavelength is 368 nm, and the maximum emission wavelength is 436nm.  2. It has good compatibility with polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene series
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