China Latest Ban On Single-use Plastic

Issuing time:2020-07-31 16:26

China announces a new ban in single-used plastics and is going to implement in the major cities by the end 2020. Plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic tablewares, plastic swabs are all in the list of prohibition.

From 1950-2015, world annual polymer resin and fiber production increase from 2 million to 381 million (data from Washinton Post). Citizens and modern life are the most origin of plastics. The plastics produced by human being threaten the health of marine animals and finally turn back to dining table.

This policy has great influence on plastic manufacturers. However, the need of packaging is still the same. What will be the next trends in package? We estimated that it will be wheat straw tablewares, non-woven bags and something else which can be reused or can be easily, environmental-friendly and economically recycled.

Glory Chemical produce optical brightener for paper pulp used and melt-blown nonwoven fabric used Optical Brighteners. They are without harmful elements and food-contact grade.

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